Sunday, January 9, 2011

In the interim - older references on Stepling volume

As noted in the previous post, the Berlin State Library no longer has the Stepling volume, so the description of it containing 79 pages cannot be viewed as certain.  In the interim, until the electronic version of Stepling's work is received from the University of Olomouc (I hope!), Mike Bandli provided the following early references to Stepling's volume.  It will be interesting to compare the original to the older references.  

H. Brown, Bibliography on Meteorites (University of Chicago Press, 1953), 6.  Mention is made that Stepling's book is 33 pages.  Bibliography not available for view on Google Books.   

Ward-Coonley Collection of Meteorites (Chicago, 1900), p. 75 mentions that Stepling's work is 33 pages and that Tabor is covered on pp. 3-6.

Prof. Maskelyne and Dr. Lang's Mineralogical Notes, Philosophical Magazine 25 (1863), p. 451.

Časopis Českého museum, 9 (1835),197-198. 

J. Mayer, Beytrag zur Geschichte der meteorischen Steine in Böhmen (1805), 5-10.

So what do Mike's references tell us?  Only a few pages of Stepling's work deal with the Tabor 1753 fall, and the remainder of the book apparently deals with earlier falls, for example in 1723 and 1743.  It appears that Stepling compared a Tabor sample to a sample of a 1723 specimen he had saved.  

And last but not least, Stepling's volume is extremely rare!

All should become clearer if the University of Olomouc Library comes through.

And then of course, there is the Royal Society.


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